Xiahou Dun
Character information
Force(s): Han
Cao Cao Forces
Weapon Type: Podao
Advanced + : Godly Speed
Historical information
Real name: Xiàhóu Dūn
Chinese name: 夏侯惇 - 夏侯惇
Style name: Yuánràng
Chinese name: 元讓 - 元让
Born: ?
Died: 220

Xiahou Dun is one of Cao Cao and Xiahou Yuan's cousins. He lost his eye when he chased Gao Shun at the Battle of Xia Pi. Cao Xing shot his eye with an arrow. 

In Dynasty Warriors Online Z, he is 29 years old and his height is 188 cm (6'2")

General Information

while serving Cao Cao you will gain

Peace + 10

Musou + 15

Character Information




In Dwo he treat the player with a calm but cold personality to the player.When in melee he treat the enemy harshly if being threatened.In his ending he train with the player.

Character Symbolism


Historical Information


Romance of the Three Kingdoms


Quests started by Xiahou Dun

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

Snow Princess' Robe - 3 Player Quest

The Severed Route - 4 Player Quest


Xiahou Dun's Weapon of choice is the Podao

Dwoz Moveset

This is the moveset of the general.Player can access to this moveset by using the general soul.

N-String-Left and right slash that end with a knockback

DA-Ram forward with the Podao.

JA-Left slash.

JC-Float in air while holding  Qipao for a while before slamming into ground causing a long blast similar to Air Musou Dynasty Warrior 7.Rotation lock is on while performing this moveset.

C1-Left Kick forward.

C2-Lauch enemy upward followed by downward slash.

C3-Left and right slash that ended with a ground slam.Pressing charge again will send out a large AOE blast similar to EX attack Dynasty Warrior 7.

C4-Right slash that knockback any target.

C5-Slash downward with the Podao to launch the target upward.

C6-Jump and then slam into ground causing a huge AOE blast.

Evo-Series of slash similar to N string.

Musou-Hold the Podao and do a series of slash and end it with a knockback.Similar to Dynasty Warrior 7 musou.

True Musou- Similar to above wtih fire damage.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Xiahou Dun Moveset

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Xiahou Dun Moveset