Decorative Furniture with Interactive Menus 


Used to Reincarnate (under 200 honor & Scenario change) & to log out of the game.

Bed Bed (Framed)
Bed Bed (Framed)
Bed (Expensive) Canopy Bed
Bed (expensive) Canopy Bed

Awards Chest

The Awards Chest allows the Equiping of Titles

Awards Chest

Book Shelf

Book Shelf when placed in your House will allow you to view your Chronicles

Book Shelf

Shipping Desk/Desk

Desks allow the writing and sending of mail to people on your friends list. - Shipping Desks also allow the sending of Weapons, Gear and Items to friends.

Shipping Desk

War Records

War records

War Annals allows you to View battle Statistics -

  • Quest's Completed, number of times completed and highest Rank achived.
  • Battles Fought / Won / Lost
  • Time Played
  • Battle Title stats
  • Memories (gained upon Scenario End)

Reincarnation Orb

Reincarnation Orb

Reincarnation Orb once placed into your house will allows Reincarnation for Players with Over 200 Honor,depending on the server you can buy a Reincarnation Orb through antique dealer  or Complete 2 Musou Boards. - Check Reincarnation section for more details.


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