Furniture used for the Storage of Weapons, Items & Clothes


Wardrobes allow you to hold X amount of Each type of Gear

Wardrobe Small Wardrobe Large Wardrobe
Wardrobe Wardrobe 20wardrobe
Holds 5 Holds 10 Holds 20
Lavish Wardrobe Elaborate Wardrobe Expensive Wardrobe 
Lavish Wardrobe Lavish Wardrobe Lavish Wardrobe
Holds 50 Holds 90 Holds 120

1 Wardrobe per home. Smaller wardrobes will be replaced when putting in a newer one.


Chest Furniture allows you to increase the Max of each Item type you can hold. 

Storage Chest  Large Storage Chest  Large Tool Chest 
Storage Chest Tool Chest Tool Chest
Holds 20 Holds 30 Holds 50

You can only have 1 of these in your House.


Armories can hold 4 Weapons. - Number of Armories per homes is dependant on size.


Check Quarters for more information on how many your home can hold.

Items Shelf

Increases the amount of tpyes of Items you can hold.

Item Shelf Moddified Item Shelf Large Item Shelf
Item Shelf GItemshelf GItemshelf2
+5 Types (6 per home) +10 Types (5 per home) +15 Types (4 per home)