Not all capes are currently on the EN server.

All capes add the + to Attack, Defence, Damage, Life & Musou unless stated, The Rank required is also stated

AP /Promotions Capes

If you need to complete a Quest it will be linked to that quests guide.

Red Cliffs Cape Infernal Cape Panda Cape
Rare3 Rare4 Panda
+1 (+1speed / Jump)
White Feather Cape Peacock Feather Cape Feline Conqueror Mantle
Rare5 Rare6 Nobunya cape
Quest +1 (Jump +5)
Wulin Master Cape Dynastic Cape Dynasty Warrior Cape
Panda Panda Panda
+3 (Wulin Tournament Prize) +4 (Wulin Tournament Prize) +5 (Wulin Tournament Prize)
Crimson Cape Fierce Tiger Cloak Fierce Tiger Wolf Cloak
Rare2 Cape1 Black flame
Ayane Cloak Dragon Master Cape Shigeharu Cloak
Ayame Cape Dragon master claok HanbeiThead
+2 +2 +2
Shigeharu Cloak Yamato Cloak Yamato Cloak
HanbeiThead Yamato cloak Yamato cloak
+7 (+2 Speed / Jump) +2 +7 (+2 Speed / Jump)

Rank Limited Capes

Azure Phoenix Mantle Crimson Tiger Mantle Jade Dragon Mantle
Azure phoenix Crimson tiger Verdent dragon
+5 (Grand General Rank) +5 (Grand General Rank) +5 (Grand General Rank)
Wei Cloak of Bravery Wu Cloak of Bravery Shu Cloak of Bravery
Wei Wu Shu
+1 (Rear General Rank) +1 (Rear General Rank) +1 (Rear General Rank)
Cape of Honor Cape of Honor Fire Bird Cape
Cape of honor Cape of honor Azure phoenix
+3 (Guard Rank) +6 (Permieter General) +5 all stats (Colonel)