Jia Xu
Character information

Zhang Xiu 


Weapon Type: Chain and Sickle
Advanced + : None
Historical information
Real name: Cài Yǎn
Chinese name: 蔡琰
Style name: Zhāojī Wénjī
Chinese name: 昭姫 - 昭姬 文姫 - 文姬
Born: 177
Died: ?

His character's height in Dynasty Warriors Online Z is 172 cm (5'8").

General Information

While serving Jia Xu you will gain

+10 Commerce

+ 7 Defence

Character Information


-His moveset are based on  Warrior Orochi 3.



Scenario Appearance

Battle of Mount Ding Jun

Historical Information


Quests Started by Jia Xu

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

Wealth, Money, Boss - 3 Player Quest

Challenge from the Trio - 3 Player Quest


Jia Xu Weapon of choice is the Chain and Sickle

Dwoz Moveset

This is the moveset of the general.Player can access to this moveset by using the general soul.

N-String-Series of chain strike that end with a knockback

DA-Swinh chain forward

JA-Slash enemy downward with the chain.

JC-Slowly falll down causing a blast with the sickle.Rotation locked with elementable. 

C1-Slash forward at a fast speed.Elementable and can pierce through enemy guard.

C2-Knock the enemy up into air with the sickle.

C3-Swing around in air while knocking away any target around the user.

C4-Forward wide slash.

C5-Stab into ground and followed by a blast knocking any target upward.Press charge again to perform a flaming elementable knockback blast.This attack similar to Jia Xu Ex attack Dw7.

C6-Swing around with the sickle causing multiplt shockwawe blast around the user.

Evo-Series of slash similar to N string.

Musou-Place a dummy animation in front and perform many slash.Auto fire element with rotation locked.

True Musou- Similar to above.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Jia Xu Moveset

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Jia Xu Moveset