Guo Jia
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Orb and Scepter
Advanced + : None
Historical information
Real name: Guō Jiā
Chinese name: 郭嘉
Style name: Fèngxiào
Chinese name: 奉孝
Born: 170
Died: 207

Guo Jia​   is one of Cao Cao's strategists who gave good counsel. He shared a close comradeship with Cao Cao and was favored by him. His services were cut short when he died during one of their northern campaigns. After suffering defeat at Chi Bi Cao Cao purportedly said, "If only Guo Jia was with us.

His height in Dynasty Warriors Online Z is 175 cm (5'9").

General Information

while serving Guo Jia you will gain



Character Information



Historical Information


Quests Started by Guo Jia



Guo Jia's Weapon of choice is the Orb and Scepter