Dian Wei
Character information
Force(s): Han
Cao Cao Forces
Weapon Type: Hand Axe
Advanced + : Aggression
Historical information
Real name: Diǎn Wěi
Chinese name: 典韋 - 典韦
Born: ?
Died: 197

Dian Wei is one of Cao Cao's loyal defenders and is known as the  "Coming Evil".

In Dynasty Warriors Online Z, he is 27 years old and his height is 195 cm (6'3.5").

General Information

while serving Dian Wei you will gain

Military + 10

Life + 15

Character Information




In Dwoz,he is potrayed as a man who treat the player with a cheerful and respected personality.His ending has him ambushing the player to test the player ability,impressed with the player result in enduring the ambush.He praise the player.

Character Symbolism


Historical Information


Quest's Strated by Dian Wei

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

Training at the Stronghold - 2 Player Quest

Communication of the Minds - 2 Player Quest


Dian Wei's Weapon of Chocie is the Hand Axe