Furnishings designed to spcie up the style of your home.

Plants / Vases

House Plants change according to the seasons

Vase Porcelain Vase Celadon vase
Vase Porce vase Celadon vase
House Plant House Plant
House Plant House Plant 2


Bottle Bottle
Pot Wine

Folding Screen

Folding Screen Partitioning Screen
Screen AncientScreenF

Animal Chair

Animal Chair Animal Chair 2
Ball and chain Spiked ball and chain


Wisteria Basket Wooden Box
Basket Box3
Wooden Box Wooden Box
Box2 Box


Bouquet Coutout Picture Decorated Plate
Flowers Lattice Tanabata plate
Decrotive Armor Fruit Basket Large Panda
Samurai set Fruit basket Panda doll
Lion Dog Doll Special Panda Cub Two Qiao Canape
Lion dance Special Panda Cub Qiao bench
Wall Fan Wall Kite Weapon Wall Ornament
Wall Fan Kite Sword rack

The Two Qiao Canape can be sat on