This Furniture is used for Crafting either Weapons, Gear, Items or Food.

Check the Crafting section for full details.


Used For Dying, Element Adding, Sewing

Loom Hand Loom
Loom Loom
Heavy Loom Masters Loom
Heavy Loom R4 loom
Luxurious Loom
Luxrious sew


Used for Adding Elements,Grinding & adding Chi to weapons

Forge Heavy Forge
Forge Forge
Large Forge Masters Forge
Heavy Forge R4 forge


Used for creating Special Items and material crafting

Pot Cauldron
Potcraft Potcraft
Large Cauldron Masters Cauldron
Large Pot R4 pot
Supreme Cauldron
Luxurious bowl

Tea Tables

Used for for Cooking and Food recipes.

Novice Tea Table Advanced Tea Table
Tea Table Tea Table

Tea Tables are placed in the Garden.