Changing Generals

How do I change generals?

If you feel that you have chosen the wrong general to serve under after promoting to Guard, you can change the general you serve under. There are 2 methods:

-If you have gained enough of that general's trust, simply come to that general and request to volunteer. This method have the least consequences.

-If you have the reincarnation orb, you can reincarnate to the same faction, and you will get to choose the general again. This come with several consequences, but requires no trust.

What is trust?

There is a hidden trust value for your character for each general in the game. This trust value is what allows them to give you quests and serve under them. Think of it as your relationship for each general.

With the update of Revolution 3 of Battle of Jing Province,player can now see their general trust represented by  star,at 3 white star the general will address player by their name while at 5 white  star player can serve them.


Gaining Trust

How do I raise trust?

There are a few ways you can earn a general's trust:

  • Increasing your domestic skills by doing Quests . Each General has a particular domestic skill that they are aligned to based on the bonus they give. You must increase your domestic skills for that particular General and their trust will raise enough to give you quests. These quests are copies of the quests your current general will give you, and cannot be taken from your general after they are gotten from any other general.
  1. Achieve 300 (not applicable in campaign), 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 K.Os
  2. Defeat the enemy General (if present) during any battles, this is most easily found in campaign, in battle while keeping your own general alive. (defeat the enemy General)
  3. Complete the Wait and See quest.

Once you have earned enough trust you should be able to apply to serve under him/her. You will receive a letter from the general whose trust you have earned letting you know of the option.

Penalty for changing generals:

  • You lose all quests from your ex-general.
  • Your ex-general's trust toward you will be significantly reduced.

Is there any way to see trust?

The only indication of trust is in the game is how the general talks to you when go up to them in their office. At the starting level of trust, all the generals in the game will usually address you in a manner such as "Is there something you need?" or "What is it?" or "Can I help you?". After raising their trust to certain levels they will start to address you differently and even call your character by their name. Such as "Hello <playername>, you are looking well today."