Cao Pi
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Silver Twin Blades
Advanced + : Speed Up
Historical information
Real name: Cáo Pī
Chinese name: 曹丕
Style name: Zǐhuán
Chinese name: 子桓
Born: 187
Died: March 29, 226
Correct name pronunciation is Tsao Pe

Cao Pi (rōmaji: Sō Hi) is Cao Cao's third son and successor. Like his father, he was a reputed intellectual who calculated his plans thoroughly. 

In Dynasty Warriors Online Z ,He is 27 years old and his height is 182 cm (about half an inch below 6')

General InformationEdit

while serving Cao Pi you will gain

Peace + 10

Damage + 10

Character InformationEdit


In Dwo he is potrayed a person who treat the player with cold attitude.In his ending,he spotted the player who exhausted from all the office duty and fall asleep.Despite with his cold attitude,he ask the player to rest while saying the player are an important asset to him and not worth losing the player.

Character SymbolismEdit


Historical InformationEdit



Cao Pi moveset was updated on 10 April 2014 with him regaining his Ex attack.

Quests Started by Cao PiEdit

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

Wealth, Money, Boss - 3 Player Quest

Challenge from the Trio - 3 Player Quest


Cao Pi's Weapon of choice is the Silver Twin Blades

Dwoz MovesetEdit

This is the moveset of the general.Player can access to this moveset by using the general soul.

N-String-Series of Sword strike that end with a knockback

DA-Jump forward while performing spinning slash.

JA-Dual front slash

JC-Repeatitive sword slash downward ended  with a knockback stab

C1-Flip 2 sword downward to stun the tarrget.

C2-Left Slash knocking the enemy on air.

C3-Left right slash that ended with a wide slash.

C4-Jump and slash forward.

C5-Stab forward with both sword and then blast them away.

C6-2 times wide AOE wawe around the user.

Evo-Series of slash similar to N string.

Musou-Hold sword and then stab into ground causing a huge icicle to appear and then explode.

True Musou- Similar to above wtih fire damage.

Special-At the end of any of any charge attack,press normal attack button to summon forward ice blast similar to Cao Pi Ex attack Dynasty Warrior 7.

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Cao Pi Moveset

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Cao Pi Moveset

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Cao Pi N String Special

Dynasty Warrior Online Z Cao Pi N String Special

Scenario EndingEdit