• JinSanadaDragon

    Oh Koei.... why do you continue to cater to the garbage players, why do you continue to add features that make the game uber noob friendly? Why not keep things as is which made the game fun, why give the middle finger to the players who've spent countless times going to the Proctor to learn the ins and outs of a weapon?

    I honestly don't understand it, companies always start off a game the right way, a way that introduces the fact that those who want to get better will experiement with combinations, learn the range of a weapon, learn the true effects of an item. Then all of a sudden, they start patching things and adding useless features that cater to noobs, to the ones who are too lazy to put in time and effort to learn how to be effective …

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    So a while ago,I impose a block that any info of advertisement despite related to Dwo and done by Koei was not allowed here.Well after much thought and seeing koei so desperate to do it in order to help Dwoz population then I guess it can;t be helped.So with that I decide to remove the bock on it and allow information that advertise Dwoz however....just to be safe there is a few restriction info that can;t be shared.Below is the latest update:

    1.No Dwoz registration for Japan server shall be shared here.Any who share this will be muted for whatever time that I care.This is a direct order imposed by Kimikosaki.

    2.No Dwoz illegal content be shared from file modding,trainner and pracy.Any who shared this will end up IP banned or muted if I a…

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    Before I get into the main point let;s get to the first prority.

    Few Days ago,I delete a user picture because of third party info despite what the user did was to help player in getting item in Dwoz.Now I know the info is correct however due to a few restriction been imposed.I can;t allow that.There is a reason why even I haven;t shown any info where we can free musou coin,registration for Dwoz account and some other stuff.

    There is a few restriction but to make it simple,here;s the rule:

    1.Only Dwoz and Dw related info are allowed to be made as info and not through 3rd party where player has to participate in any event with example in survey,play any game just to get Dwoz item.

    2.So far only Warrior Orochi,Dynasty Warrior stuff are allowed to…

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    I used to be very happy when Koei do moveset update for weapon so that the old weapon has a chances to compete with new weapon coming in.But knowing Koei track lately of nerfing the weapon after sometime(fastest is 3 week with Twin Fan).I honestly don;t see what;s the point of do that kind of  update anymore if they just screwed it up.

    Isn;t it amazing that if Japan has campaign then Taiwan and Chinese will be showdown and vice versa.And because of that I hate it because it make me unable to enjoy weekend event the way I wanted because event are heavily affected because of these 3 server.I was expecting to enjoy campaign but thank;s to other server.Now my weekend is wasted.

    I really wish there is a better movie maker but with how most movie …

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    16 April rant

    April 16, 2014 by CATGUN

    Why is it I am calling this a rant...ah well maybe I will know about it later.For now...

    Isn;t it sad that one of the faction that used to be avaible in each scenario in Dwo and Dwoz are now reduced to NPC...Is amazing what Koei can do.For those wish to pick a fight with the Wu unrivaled general,just select any mode with handicap mode and as you deal damage more.They will appear.Alternatively,the fun way is to pick unknown wiithout confront option.This is for those who love to farm Wu general.

    I am excited for the tomorrow update but..few days ago.I was recording Zhang Liao moveset(still haven;t uploaded yet in my youtube). and I find out that while he does has his Ex attack but unfortunately the Ex only does stagger around the player so....…

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    Short Rant

    I been noticing Koei lately has been using moveset revision update as monthly update which I can say is a rip off update.Honestly name 1 moveset update that Koei has done where they never nerfed the moveset after a few month.I impressed no one seem to voiced this as Koei could just cheat people out of their money and hardwork on their weapon of the new updated moveset...

    I still haven;t went home yet,maybe in 2 days later,I be able to return home and then do more wiki editting with more content.*sigh*SO annoying


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    Subjugation of Regnum

    April 1, 2014 by CATGUN


    1 April 2014


    1 April 2014


    1 April 2014

    Coming Soon!!!

    Capital City

    Target City

    General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
    CATGUN Menace Glove O Distribution Attack
    Arietta Animal Bracelet O Distribution Attack
    Anise Tatlin Stuffed Bear X Technology Damage
    Deng AI Drill Spear X Commerce Defence
    Redz Black Claw X Commerce Damage
    Vanessa Giant Sickle X Technology Damage
    Sendayu Uoji Strategist Sword X Commerce Damage
    Sugisaki Ken Brave Spear X Technology Musou
    Pascal Magic Rods X Peace Damage
    Lyuri Magic Bow X Distribution Musou
    Emilia Giant Rods X Distribution Life

    Capital City:

    Target City:

    General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
    Ruca Millard Magic Sword X Peace Defence
    Iria Twin Pistol X Distribution Defence …

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    I am on vacation

    March 28, 2014 by CATGUN

    Long story short

    My online time is limited so I can edit very little content as I don;t have acess to my comp that has my full data.Until then enjoy very minor edit until  4 days later.

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    A tiring days...a blog before I go to sleep

    At the time of 1:56am Japan time,Jin win the Final campaign against Shu.In the first moment Jin start with disadvantage formation campaign and then were forced to change formation while manage to use attack all tactics once.Shu seeing this start formation changed non stop as Jin do it.In the end when Jin caught in Shu trap in changing formation,they manage to prevent the last tactics from being used where if Cai Wenji is still being fought together,it will cause a formation change that wil signal Jin lost.But thank;s to the time limit of the tactics,this were succesfully prevented thus seal Jin victory.

    Is amazing Jin manage to reach more than 500 participant but many not willing to vote …

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    A short rant of the day.

    As covered in previous blogs,I have been playing both Twn and CN Dwo and 2 days ago I received mail from Sima Yi,having meet him I was promoted to Elder Statesman thank;s to my participant along proposal yeah I was like shocked that I was chosen despite I don;t put much effort into it compare when in Jpn server campaign. From my 2 weeks experience I guess I shouldn;t be suprised as most cp player in Twn rarely rely on proposal tactics with most of them just rely on streak despite formation is bad....*sigh*Surrounded by people who prefer to use force instead using brain...great just great..>_>

    Those who check the event and update section may know that new scenario will come this month.More info of this w…

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    Time for me to record my logs.

    So as you all can see I have being uploading video of the unrivaled general moveset and this all thank;s to the new vidoe recorder that I got where I don;t need to set my comp to high setting just to make everything shown in the game.Previous video of Dwo,I have to make my comp setting high in order to record properly.So expect more new video,my current plan is to upload only updated moveset of the general and then maybe few extra video of their quote.

    Oh did you even screw this up lolz.Apparently Wang Yi show up in campaign screen and player can select her in campaign.However when enter to melee,she along the general that she against will not show up.The main reason for this is because there is no d…

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    English server could be update

    February 18, 2014 by CATGUN

    A logs made to keep the update section tidy.

    All the news on the new update!

    • Generals getting a makeover to Dynasty Warriors 7 costumes!
    • The Kingdom of Jin is making its debut!
    • Weapon Switching will be added!
    • Campaign system overhauled!
    • Log in to DWO from any browser. even mobile. (this is limited to TOWN only, no battles)
    • Graphics updated
    • Update patch is 1GB!!!
    • Honor and rank up system overhauled!!!

    New Update - Dynasty Warriors Online Z! Begins

    New Scenario - Jin Scenario (link to scenario page)

    Weapon/s Added - Weapon Name go here! (linked to page)

    Weapon Demo go here

    Weapon/s Tuned - Any Weapons that get a Tune Up go here!

    • Weapon Name (linked to page) - details of change.

    New Capes -

    ? ? ?

    +1 (Rear General) +2 (Front General) +3 (Permieter General)
    ? ? ?

    +4 (Chari…

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    Up for a fun time to listen to this person talks hmm?For this blog post I will explain both on what the tittle states.

    Now..many of you  probably know about this already but by today 13 Feb 2014,Koei just  placed a ban on people outside Japan and those who are not using Japan Windows Operating System.The ban are applied with the update of the Nprotect Game Guard update and if anyone think they can skip the update of the game guard then too bad that can;t happen...

    2 month ago after the annoucement of Dwo En  closure,I decide to take measure in erasing any sign of Dwo Jpn download so that the incident of the world wide ban that happen 4 years ago with Japan can be avoided as most people will flock to Japan server with the closure of Dwo En .N…

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    In all my life,all I ever wanted  is to be happy and just have a fun time while at the same time help people out so that the hapiness can be shared together...but in the end backstabbed many time....I am tired of watching people happy now while I am the only one suffered...I want all of them suffer and feel my pain.

    The useless people and the many garbage around...just seeing them make me want to rid them all....I hate it...I hate it...I am tired of always need to suffer because of them...If I listen to them I suffer,If I don;t listen to them I suffer too....the irony of fate....

    Heh..just like how if I don;t choose to do this wiki then this spark in my heart will ache and yet when I do any wiki editing the spark of hatred with many people t…

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    Now that the wikia control return to the rightful owner,it seem thing has been going peace as I was hoping for...but apparently that was not enough it seem.While I was looking for Dwo info,I found a wiki that is related to Dwo but to my is a blantant copy paste info stealing with to my suprise it used the merge info to steal people work where it look like poeple contribute to the wiki when it just a bot disguising as DwoEN/Yuri/Dwoz  wiki editor.

    So yeah imagine when seeing out of nowhere "Yurisaki","Bustad","Hanbei" and "Myself" contribute to a wiki despite it was not done by ourselves.And guess who was the person responsible for all of this?The same person who cause lot of trouble in the first place.....Well then guess it;s t…

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    So I receive an Email from wikia and appantly everyone beloved backlash or Tiel most poeple known has hijack my account and then for some reason get me blocked.I don;t know why he do this or what business he has with me but I gonna make him pay for that.He sure are brave to attack me or should I say an idiot.He client mod once on the aeria server of Dwo and then thank;s to my magic I get him banned for that.He should know he is not so clean.

                 All I wanted to do just do wikia stuff along following Yurisaki/Kimikosaki wish to continue this wiki....why is it so hard for that to be done....honestly what;s with many people trying to stop me and attack me...

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    Since I have some free time,I was able to make some video while prepare more new stuff and info to be added to the wiki.I am still testing all recording program that I know so that I can make full use of it.For now here;s a gameplay of me with Punishment Sword,one of the Joke weapon of Curved Sword :

    Despite Koei claim that Joke weapon will act differently than normal category weapon,so far from what I see the only difference is that it has the same durability like R5 weapon(despite been R6) and has it;s own stats.Keep in mind that Joke weapon can only be obtained through promo no matter what which also include it;s own emblem.In this case,Punishment Sword come with C1 Thrust and C6 Fan.

    Now for the new weapon Lightning Spear ,this weapon is…

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  • Lulu Lulu Lulu

    I'm gonna add Elemental Colors to every weapon I can update !

    Those are allready done (by me :3) :

    I'm gonna start with Twin Rods and see how many I can do :D !

    See ya !

    Lulu Lulu Lulu (talk) 18:07, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Lulu Lulu Lulu

    I'm done for today !

    December 3, 2013 by Lulu Lulu Lulu

    After adding "Upgraide Stats" for the remaining weapons (Broad Sword, Trident, Horned Blade, Jamadhar, Ogre's Fist and Dragon Barbs) It's time to play DWO :D

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    28 Nov 2007

    Started with Dynasty Warrior Broadband/Shin Sangoku Musou BB with pay to play concept before being renamed to Dynasty Warrior Online/Shin Sangoku Musou Online and new concept of free to play with microtransaction support and now renamed to Dynasty Warrior Online Z/Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z.

    So many scenario,new weapon,new system and many thing has been added and updated to Dwoz.Can;t believe  that it was possible for a hack and slash game of Koei warrior series can even be made to an Online series.And until now no online game able to copy the way how Dwoz game style is.I lost count  how many similar Ragnarok and other touch and click Eden Eternal game lolz.

    Koei currently celebrating the anniversary with some event along a speci…

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    I hate it when I want to handle something some other idiot has to steal what I was suppose to do mainly when it come to wiki updating and content handling.And is because of that is why there is only 1 editor which is me to handle everything here which I have no problem in doing it despite my busy time.

    I wonder why Yurisaki never had this problem....maybe because there was never idiot people like this who want to intervene her....Useless garbage people....any who oppose me shall be taken care off.

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    Tch so annoying,,,real life can be harsh sometime.

    As the tittle says,I will be busy for 14 month though I can update the wiki just much slower than currently(lolz much slower than this?)In any case,the campaign page is done just needed to complete the other task I left before.

    And that;s it...what you want me to speak more?

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    Next Task is

    October 19, 2013 by CATGUN

    1.Import all the gear from original wiki.

    2.Complete campaign page,need to translate them all lolz.

    3.Add more new gear especially normal set,the hard part for this is the identify which part belong to which unless there is full set picture of it.

    4.Play more Samurai Warrior 2 Empire.Nobunaga forces is just awesome hoho.

    Ah yes at the same time,for those don;t know yet.I am working on the badge pic on the wiki so for instance,if any editor make their forst edit,they will get xiahou ba picture and followed by other action everyone wll get different badge picture.Wanna make this wiki more DWOZ related hoho.Next part also will have a new background image uploaded.

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    Another task completed

    July 31, 2013 by CATGUN

    Today I have finished with current release of En Male Torse(except sew set).There is a lot of gear that is not added yet along the original wiki doens;t have the full list of gear of Dwo but unless I know the translated name I can;t add it and with  Yuri is no longer around....I am thinking of making a special page where player can use it to identify it.

    Currently testing the new honor system and making a new version of campaign and melee page.Take time for all of this but meh...I get it done eventually.

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    As I wrote this post,my heart ponder does the higher up in the EN server does care or not with the state of Dwo En.Today mark 3 weeks of no weekend event and people has been using reason that this can be used as a great way for a melee weekend when in the end nothing will happen and the wait time for melee will always be the same at min of 15min wait...and Aeria use reason that there was no plan which  is based on the response from the ticket I send to them not the GS response.

    Speaking of GS,I have picked what I believe people for GS that could help the game very well.I never once have any hope that I would be picked as long the people I choose got picked so that they could lead Dwo well...only in return my hope was backfired...I hope the …

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    lazy or busy?

    July 17, 2013 by CATGUN

    Well that is up to everyone to decide,

    Thing to do:

    1:Post all gender gear from the original wiki

    2.Update the update page..wait I think I let Yurisaki handle this.

    3:Fix the template page,need the source vesion of it.

    4.Update the campaign page.

    5.The Rise of Sima Clan scenario page.

    6.Deng Ai!!!!Ehem general page.

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  • Kimikosaki

    DWOZ Wikia is Born!

    April 29, 2013 by Kimikosaki

    Decided to make a new Wikia to acompany the new name.

    Updated so far

    • Weapons Pages redesigned
    • General Pages updated
    • Gear List is getting a make over!
    • update page has all the latest info on DWOZ
    • Furniture Page finished!
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